Quick 10 minute vegan skincare routine


Quick 10 minute vegan skincare routine

In my new article "Easy Vegan Skincare Routine", I discuss a Harvard study which goes into detail about the utility of facial serums.

Facial serums are very effective skincare products but they can also have their disadvantages. For example, due to the high concentrations of specific vitamins and retinoids you can experience irritation. 

Therefore, by no means are facial serums hypoallergenic. They are products for the brave and I would not recommend the use of facial serums to anyone with sensitive skin.

The 3 Step Morning Skincare Regimen

In my article, I advise that people should wash their face with warm water and a gentle cleanser first thing in the morning. I also suggest that during this process, people should take their time cleaning their face and learn to enjoy it. Everyone want's to face the day with a clean face right?

I always advise to leave time between washing your face and applying moisturizer, this is because I believe that your pores should have time to breathe. I advise that you should only apply your morning toner after you have eaten breakfast.

When you apply your toner you will be able to fixate and focus on the problem areas which are appearing on your skin. This is because some time has passed since your face has been moisturized.

You can read more about my morning and evening skincare regimen.


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