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If you have just come across this blog than you probably don't know anything about me, I hope this page will give you a good idea of who is behind VeganBrandz. Whilst I am new to blogging I am a veteran of vegetarianism.

My name is John Ali, I am a devout and practicing Muslim and, I am a vegan. I have been practicing veganism for four years and have been a Vegetarian for more than 6 years prior to that. 

During this time, the eggs that I ate were from the chickens that I raised in my paddock. I had to specifically train my dog to not kill the chickens. My dog never bothered to eat them because she was always well fed, it took 8 months and hundreds hatchlings before betsy would stop killing the chickens lol.

So, I have been studying at university since 2014 but it took me until 2017 to settle into my studies since I had never finished high school. Nonetheless, I have one unit left of a law degree to finish in 2021.

I was born to an Anglo-Saxon Family in Australia. I went to Catholic, Pre-school, Primary School and One Year of High school. My mother was born in New Zealand to a JV Family and my Father to an Anglican Family in Australia.

In August of 2019, I woke up in the middle of the night during a strange dream. That same night I started reading the Qu’ran out of curiosity and found myself compelled to go to the local mosque and took my shahada.

Not once has my Islamic faith contradicted my vegan lifestyle. You just have to make it work.


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